Memberships Available for 2021/22:

  • Full (For Ages 19-23): $262.00 - proof of age required.
  • New Full / Midweek and 9 Hole Membership (For Ages24+): $920.00.
  • Junior (For Ages 18 & Under): $112.00 - proof of age required.
  • Country: $402.00 
  • Armed Services: $704.00
  • Summer: $450.00 (Effective from 1 Sep 2022 to 31 Mar 2023)

 Special Offers:

  • N/A

Terms and Conditions:

  • Full Membership entitles member to unlimited play on the course 7 days a week. Same applies to Junior Memberships.
  • Grand parented Midweek Membership entitles member to play on the course week days only from Monday to Friday. Green fees are applicable if they want to play golf on the weekends.
  • Grand parented 9 Hole Membership entitles member to only play the "dedicated 9 Hole Course". They will have to pay the green fee difference should they wish to play a full 18 Holes. 
  • Country Membership Member must prove they hold an existing Full Membership at another Golf Club for the same period they are wanting to join TCGC. Entitles member to unlimited play on the course 7 days a week. Applications will be vetted and proof of current golf membership is required.
  • Armed Services Membership is only available to Armed Defence Force Staff (including civilians employed by the Armed Services but excluding contractors). Entitles member to play on the course 7 days a week. Proof of employment is required. 
  • Summer Membership is valid from 01 September to 31 March of the following year. Entitles member to unlimited play during this period.
    • Full payment upon application. No payment plan available.
    • $450 fee is flat rate up until the end of Dec 2022. Pro-rata rate for Jan 2023 to be confirmed.
    • There is no 9 Hole Summer Membership equivalent.
    • If Summer Member transitions to Full Membership in 2023/24  season, then discount may be available.

For further information, feel free to call the office on 527-7039 or use our "Contact Us" enquiry form on the website.