Green Fees

No discounted rates for nine holes.

Mon-Fri: $20.00

Weekends & Public Holidays: $30.00

Special Gold Card Holder Discounts: 20% off our Green Fees and Club Hire. Also 10% off the cost of hiring an electric golf cart!

Group Bookings

Group discounts considered depending on playing numbers and only applicable on the weekend. 

Full Course Bookings

Mon-Fri: $1000 to $1500 (Price dependant on player numbers and requested tee times)

Sat: $1500 to $2000 (Price dependant on player numbers and requested tee times)

Terms and conditions apply. For all enquiries please contact the office.

Local Rules

To be read in conjunction with the “Rules of Golf”. Also refer to the notice board for any current temporary local rules.

Internal and Out of Bounds.

Internal “Out of Bounds” is all the way down the left side of the 9th fairway. NB The white stakes are deemed immovable obstructions when playing the 10th hole. Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1f

Out of Bounds is beyond all boundary fences and/or areas defined by white stakes.

Out of Bounds/Lost Ball Alternative Relief.

As an alternative to stroke and distance, if your ball is Out of Bounds or Lost, the player may proceed as follows:

- For TWO penalty strokes the player may take relief by dropping the ball in the Relief Area as indicated in Rule 14.3.


A ball lying on the fairway of the hole being played may be marked, lifted, cleaned and placed within 15 cm of the marker NOT nearer the hole.

Staked Trees.

If a player's swing or stance is hindered by Staked Trees, the player MUST take relief without penalty under Rule 16.1f.

No Play Zone.

All areas newly soiled or sown, defined gardens and vehicle tyre ruts are “No Play Zones” from which play is prohibited. Full and Free Relief MUST be taken as provided under Rule 16.1f.

Police Dog School Compound.

This is strictly Out of Bounds and players are prohibited from entering the Police compound at all times.

Hole 14: Flagpole on the Fairway

A ball striking the flagpole on 14th fairway. Replay of shot is Optional (Without Penalty).

Rifle Range.

Players are strictly prohibited from entering the rifle range whilst shooting is in progress and /or when the RED Warning Flags are up on display.

Tree Roots and Embedded Stones

If a player's ball through the green is impeded from either Tree Roots or Embedded Stones, free relief is available without penalty. Relief must be taken directly behind (not to the side) of where the ball lays.


Player Score Cards and Course Map

 Mens Card

 Mens Score Card

 While it is not a demanding course to walk, it does require accuracy off the tee and will test a golfers short game. 

The course offers some narrow fairways lined with trees and some water obstacles to navigate your way around on some holes.

Generally the rough is short and it is difficult to lose your golf ball. The greens are not pariticularly large but they are generally elevated, well shaped and open to attack!

Holes 9 & 17 are the only holes on the course guarded by bunkers.