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2022 Match Play Championship


Congratulations to our 2022 Match Play Champions:

  • Senior:                  Mike Jensen
  • Intermediate:        Strike Bahm
  • Junior:                  Murray Dixon
  • Junior B:              Jason Perce
  • Women Silver      Hine Kemp
  • Women Bronze    Denise Orr


Mike Jensen and Kevin Brophy Senior Finalist


2022 Strokeplay Championship

Congratulations to our 2022 Strokeplay Champions:

  • Senior:                  Mike Jensen
  • Intermediate:        Strike Bahm
  • Junior:                  Mike LeToa
  • Junior B:              John Hunt

Good luck to all Qualifiers in the 2022 Club Championship

Strokeplay 2022

Operation of Trentham Camp Golf Club (TCGC) under “The COVID-19 Protection Framework”

Dear Members,

The Government has announced the Traffic light settings for the Country to come into effect 11.59pm Thursday 2nd Dec 2021

For Wellington this setting will be Orange. Cabinet will review settings and provide an update on Monday 13 December. The next update by Ministers will be on Monday 17 January, and will continue on a fortnightly basis.

What this means for the continued use of the Club Facilities and Course is that the Executive must make a decision whether to operate based on whether a My Vaccine Pass Verification is required or not in order to use our Club Facilities and Course.
After much discussion and deliberation the Executive have moved and accepted the following motions:

• From 11.59pm Thursday 2nd Dec, the Trentham Camp Golf Club’s Clubhouse and Facilities will operate under the “My Vaccine Pass Verification” required protocol under the COVID Protection Framework (CPF) requirements.
• From 11.59pm Thursday 2nd Dec, the Trentham Camp Golf Club’s Course will operate under the “My Vaccine Pass Verification” required protocol under the COVID Protection Framework (CPF) requirements.

What this means is from Friday 03rd Dec 2021 unless you have a “Vaccine Pass” that can be checked by TCGC staff you will not be able to use the clubrooms or play on the course.

 CPF 2021

Even with the new CPF requirements standard COVID practises will still be required and expected to be carried out by all users of our clubroom and course:
• Scanning of QR Code or manual register
• Wearing of face masks as required
• Social spacing of 1 metre
• Wash and sanitise hands

Our priority is to provide a safe and healthy environment for our workers, members, their families and guests. Furthermore, our continued financial sustainability as a club, relies in part on our ability to trade in the bar and café on an unrestricted basis as possible.

The Executive Committee is of the view that the implementation of what in effect will be a “no jab no play/enter” rule is in the best interests of members and staff both in terms of reducing the risk of Covid-19 and in ensuring that the Club can operate with fewer restrictions than would be the case if we don’t adopt such a rule.

Under the traffic light system, it is clear that Clubs that require people to show proof of vaccination will be able to operate with far fewer restrictions than those that do not. In fact, at both “red” and “orange” levels, without vaccine passes, our clubhouse bar and café will not be permitted to be open and will only be able to operate on a contactless basis (i.e. “click and collect”) which clearly won’t work for our club.

The Executive Committee understands that there may be a number of members who for a range of reasons have decided not to get the Covid-19 vaccination. While we would encourage every member to get vaccinated, we accept that in the end it is a decision for each person to make. Unfortunately, that will mean that once the rule is implemented, any members in this position will no longer be able to visit the Club until circumstances change.

The Executive will review our status regularly and adjust our operating status if required.

Best wishes,

To’omaga Mike LeToa
TCGC President


Covid 19


Other News...

 Summer Membership: $410

Summer Membership is available form 01 September to 31 March next year. 

  • Full payment is payable upon application, there is no payment plan available.
  • Fee is applicable until the end of Dec 2021. Pro-rata rate from Jan 2022 to be confirmed.
  • There is NO 9 hole equivalent.

For further information, you can either call the office on 527-7039 or use the 'Contact Us' enquiry form on the website.


Kind regards,

TCGC Executive